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Hyperhidrosis Support Group
VSB: Raising awareness about hyperhidrosis and offering impartial support and advice to sufferers
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    November 29th, 2011VSB BeverlySite News

    Forum link

    How Compensatory Sweating works:

    The current train of thought is that our own inbuilt thermometer is faulty. This is called the Hypothalamus and it’s tucked away in the brain. This is what causes us to overheat. When the body’s temperature rises by 4 degrees C, we become disorientated and confused. By the time we reach 7 degrees C, we’d be dead. Because the body is such an amazing feat of natural engineering, we have an inbuilt sprinkler system to prevent us from overheating and to keep us alive. This is where the sweating comes from. When you block off any area of sweating, that’s all you’re doing. You’re not cooling yourself down. As you’re still hot, you’ll still be sweating until you cool down, it’s just that the sweat will appear in other areas and it’ll take longer to cool down as your sweating is limited. Blocking sweat is not the best way of dealing with it, although we all need to block in the odd area or two – ie underarms etc. It’s always a far better idea to soak up and disguise sweat than to block it.

    CS as a result of ETS and Generalised Hyperhidrosis:

    The main places ETS people suffer is down their back, torso, groin and legs. I would suggest products like laulas undershirts and polo shirts, and Wrapps Both of these products will deal with soaking up sweat by clever use of fabrics. I use both products and they certainly make life easier for me. Wrapps are also increasingly used by sportsmen and women, musicians etc as well as HH sufferers.

    Please feel free to visit the site and dive into the forum conversations – or even just keep an eye out for competitions (we get to give away lots of free products) and hints and tips on disguising and dealing with your sweating.

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    November 13th, 2011VSB AnneSite News

    I want to personally thank a new member for allowing us to post her story.  She knows how important this is for us all in raising awareness on this awful skin disease, that brings us all misery every day of our lives. 

    This is a very moving story of inspiration, bravery and courage. 
    We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts….

    Anne and Beverly xxx


    If you want to join in our cause on, “Raising Awareness” Join the cause, we have a section in the forum for this HAC, Hyperhidrosis Awareness Campaign, good things are happening. 

    I always say lots of little voices can make one big one.  If you want to join our cause then please send your story to our very own Beverly at   She will be glad to post it on our front page and if requested all will be confidential.  Thanks for helping us here at Very Sweaty Betty, your friendly sweaty support group.


    Vicki’s story,

    My Story to date,
    I’m Vicki and I’m not ashamed to say that I am an Hyperhidrosis sufferer.  It it embarrassing but I’m not ashamed.
    I have had Hyperhidrosis since I could walk.   It started with my hands, feet and underarms and I noticed more at the tender age of 5-6 in Infant School.   I used to have to write whilst I had a clump of tissue in my hand to wipe up the dripping sweat from the page.   I also had to stuff rolled up tissue under my arms to stop my uniform from getting drenched.
    Summer time obviously the worst season for me, but it affected me all year through. Doctors used to tell me to hold my hands under cold water for a minute to cool them down, which did not work.   I was then tried on something similar to Driclor where it was rolled on my affected areas and had to sleep with socks and plastic gloves on. This worked for a short while but then the sweat faught its way through!

    When I approached 13 I was advised to go and see a Dematologist Consultant in Manchester Infirmary. They told me about the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy surgery, also known as ETS.   They told me that they would make a small incision in each arm pit and cut some glands to help cut down the sweating. They said that there was a possibility of the operation making my eyes droopy.

    As I was modelling at the time,  my Mum thought it would be best for me to make this huge decision when I turned 18.   So I just learned to live with it.
    Always ensuring I had tissue in my bag,  I could never wear a top or dress without sleeves as there would be nowhere for me to put the tissue under my armpits.   I hated having to shake hands with anyone, especially for job interviews as I would always have to explain myself (i still do).

    Eventually,  in 2003 when I was 21,  I bit the bullet and decided to go for the ETS operation/surgery as I couldn’t live the way I was, being an Entertainer and in the public eye 24/7.

    I had a consulation first where they told me about collapsing my lungs during the op (something they never mentioned before) and the “slight” possibility of a “small” amount of sweating on my stomach as it would need somewhere else to go. I thought that I could cope with my stomach, if it stopped under my arms and hands (feet I could cope with).
    After the surgery, the first week was brilliant.   I went back to Mallorca where I was working,  then disaster struck!
    One night I literally couldn’t gasp for my breath. I was rushed into hospital and after 3 days of ECG and MRI scans/tests, they found fluid on my lungs, something that had accrued in Manchester Hospital.
    I was then in hospital for a further 7 days.   Once sorted,  I flew back home in the October and realised that my sweating was ridiculous.   I didn’t think anything whilst in Mallorca due to the heat anyway.   I found that my “slight” amount of sweating had increased to my forehead, back, stomach, armpits, hands, feet, legs.   Basically EVERYWHERE!.
    There was nothing that Manchester Infirmary could do about it either.   I did have Botox in my armpits for a short while in 2005, but my local hospital withdrew the funding unfortunately.   Botox was brilliant and lasted for 6-8 months.

    Since joining HSG and Very Sweaty Betty,  I have found out about some bladder control pills called Oxybutynin.   I consulted my GP who was more than happy to try me on them.   I do notice a bit of a difference but with how severe my sweating is,  I think that I will need to be increased to a bigger doseage.

    I now have my very own Iontorphoresis Machine because my local PCT won’t fund any sessions in hospital because in their words, “I am, low priority”!!!
    I will start using this, this week, so fingers crossed for my future. It is horrible living like this and not being able to wear cloths without sleeves; especially in the summer or dancing in a pub with tissue stuck to my forehead or shoes without tights/pop socks on, but i’m not ashamed to tell my story and increase awareness of this awful condition. Finally I do urge anyone who’s thinking of having ETS – PLEASE, DON’T DO IT!



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    August 16th, 2011VSB BeverlySite News

    Hello friends FORUM LINK

    We wanted to let you know that because we have had some gremlins on the forum, we are extending the deadline for entering our two previous giveaways (Wrapps and Klima) until 1st SEPTEMBER and we have also introduced another free (very exciting) giveaway from Kleinerts – an antiperspirant that you can use just about EVERYWHERE on your body!

    All our free-to-enter giveaway competitions couldn’t be simpler to enter. Please see below for details on how to enter all three competitions.

    Wrapps – FREE giveaway
    Wrapps – have given us ten free Wrapps to send out to ten lucky entrants. These are invaluable if you suffer any sweating in your groin area. They can also help if you sweat down your back. This is a fantastic opportunity to hopefully try one out to see if it works for you. Every Wrapp is handmade with the utmost care by Denise Bartell – Denise has suffered with Hyperhidrosis for many, many years.

    1. Send an email to
    2. You MUST include ‘wrapps giveaway’ in the subject line
    3. You MUST include your verysweatybetty forum member name in the body of the email
    4. You can enter as many times as you like – although that doesn’t mean you can win more than once!
    5. The winners will be chosen entirely at random and notified once the competition has closed on 1st September 2011


    Klima Antiperspirant – FREE giveaway
    The other free giveaway is for Klima Antiperspirant. This product is a market leader and this is your chance to hopefully give it a try. This is for our US members only I’m afraid.

    1. Send an email to and enter ‘Klima giveaway’ in the subject line.
    2. You must include your VerySweatyBetty forum name in the body of the email.
    3. You can enter as many times as you like but you can’t win more than once!
    4. This giveaway is valid until 1st September.
    5. Successful applicants will be chosen at random and notified accordingly.
    6. Please be aware this particular promotional giveaway is only valid if you live in the USA.


    Kleinerts Sweat Shield Wipes – FREE giveaway (NEW)
    These Once-a-Week wipes come in a convenient sachet and afford you safe and effective protection from sweat – and better still, you can use them just about everywhere!

    - Clinically tested
    - No irritation with extra aoles added
    - Waterproof through showering
    - Easy to apply
    - Safe for underarms, face, hands, chest, back and feet (please keep this away from your eyes).

    We have TEN free boxes of their Sweat Shield Wipes to give away to ten lucky recipients. Each box is enough for up to two whole months of protection against sweat. Each box is worth $16.99 so it’s a prize that’s well worth having.

    1. Send an email to
    2. You MUST include ‘kleinerts giveaway’ in the subject line
    3. You MUST include your verysweatybetty forum member name in the body of the email
    4. You can enter as many times as you like – although that doesn’t mean you can win more than once!
    5. The winners will be chosen entirely at random and notified once the competition has closed on 15th September 2011
    6. Please note, Kleinerts Sweat Shield Wipes free giveaway is open to North America residents only.

    A note about spam – don’t worry, we keep all your information 100% PRIVATE. You have our word that you won’t receive spam because of us.

    Regarding the forum glitches, please be assured we’re working hard to get them fixed but in the meantime, there’s an easy way to bypass the message that tells you the “form is invalid” when you click on ‘submit’ to publish your forum post. When you see this message, scroll down and click on ‘submit’ once more – this will make sure your post is submitted.

    Thank you for reading – and please remember to enter these three Hyperhidrosis must-have competitions!

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    August 9th, 2011VSB BeverlySite News

    As promised in our recent newsletter, we have another new giveaway for you all!


    Kleinerts has been around for many years and brought many new products to the Hyperhidrosis market.

    We have TEN free boxes of their Sweat Shield Wipes to give away to ten lucky recipients. Each box is enough for up to two whole months of protection against sweat. Each box is worth $16.99 so it’s a prize that’s well worth having.

    What could these wipes do for you?:


    Sweat Shield® safely and effectively treats hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating anywhere with a simple, once-a-week application.

    Sweat Shield® is formulated to safely block the sweat glands, protect against irritation, and soothe your skin.

    Increase your confidence and save on laundry bills while Sweat Shield® keeps you dry all day, every day!

    How Does Sweat Shield® Work?

    Sweat Shield® is a liquid formula, soaked on a soft, non-woven pad. Once a week before bedtime, open one of the packets and dab (do not rub) the disposable pad thoroughly under the arms within the hairline. Allow your underarms to air dry for a few minutes, and then go to bed. During the night when your sweat glands are less active, Sweat Shield® will safely form a block in your sweat glands that will last a week. It will not wash off, it does not leave any film, and you won’t even know it’s there, except that you won’t be sweating. In the morning you can shower, shave and get on with your life, sweat free. The Sweat Shield® formula and its application method was created by a clinical research lab who has many years of research experience in the production of antiperspirant products.


    This free-to-enter giveaway competition couldn’t be simpler to enter.

    1. Send an email to
    2. You MUST include ‘kleinerts giveaway’ in the subject line
    3. You MUST include your verysweatybetty forum member name in the body of the email
    4. You can enter as many times as you like – although that doesn’t mean you can win more than once!
    5. The winners will be chosen entirely at random and notified once the competition has closed on 31st August 2011
    6. Please note, Kleinerts Sweat Shield Wipes free giveaway is open to North America residents only.

    Good luck!

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    August 4th, 2011VSB BeverlySite News

    We have featured Wrapps many times in the past and now we have very kindly been given TEN free Wrapps to give away to ten lucky entrants! This is a fantastic opportunity to try out a Wrapp for your sweating. Wrapps are carefully designed and handmade by Denise Bartell, who has suffered with Hyperhidrosis for many years. FORUM LINK

    This is what has to say about Hyperhidrosis…
    Do you suffer with excessive sweating, down there? You are not alone. Millions of men and women suffer from this, year in, year out. Anybody who has suffered from heavy sweating will know that there are all sorts of other problems that constant moisture causes, chafing, itching, soreness, irritation, rashes, infection etc.

    The Wrapp is unisex, it fits both women’s and men’s briefs comfortably, no more chafing elastic to cut into your delicate, sore skin.

    The Wrapp has been tested by both men and women. Once they’re in place, you forget they’re there, leaving you fresh and confident. It doesn’t matter how much you sweat or what triggers it, the Wrapp can be worn by anyone with any level of sweating.

    Testimonials and feedback received from Wrapps users: LINK

    “You are a genius! These work like a charm for me. I so glad I found Very Sweaty Betty and your link to the Wrapps. I will share my excitement with my PCP and others I know suffering like me. I may just order more!!!!!!
    Thanks Denise you made my day!”
    Rachel L******e
    Portland, Maine

    When we contacted Rachel to ask if we could use her feedback in our website, she replied:
    “ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Go for it!! I want the world to know you have helped me. Let me know when the Bra pad has been developed. I want to be one of he first customers!!!!!”
    Thank you Rachel! Your feedback has made us happier than you can imagine, it’s worth all the hard work Wrapps have taken to develop to hear something so lovely!

    “Thank you very much for the wrapps. I’ve wanted them for a long time now since I saw them on VSB and I’m very happy with them.”
    Pushpa S**********n

    “I thought my wife was having me on with this at first but wow! I play a couple of different sports and can’t do with out these now. Impressive, you can come and work for me anytime!”
    Jon D*****n
    Wells Branch, Texas

    “Thank you so much Denise, your wrapps work perfectly. They have given me my confidence back, I can’t praise you or them highly enough and have just ordered a second pack.”
    Kara M**s
    Knightsbridge, London, UK

    “Simple and effective.”
    JJ B*****n
    Thousand Oaks, California

    “I was recommended Wrapps by a close friend and colleague – I wish I’d known about them before now but better late than never! I am excited about Summer for probably the first time since I was a teenager, I have a lump in my throat (a happy one!). Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
    Mrs G L***d
    Maesteg, Wales

    “I ordered a sample pack and the day after I received them, I reordered a large pack. I can wear pants in all colors instead of just black, and skirts and dresses for the first time. I can’t wait for my wedding now!”
    Kirsti B***w-K******m

    This was posted on Very Sweaty Betty by forum member, FoxyBlue: LINK

    “I got my Wrapps last week, and have used them most days since – it’s been as hot as 36 here this week – and I am VERY impressed!

    Was at a friend’s wedding all day and evening last weekend and was dry all day. I’ve been amazed, it’s not only me that stays dry but the Wrapp itself; in terms of moisture you’d never know you had another layer on, and it also keeps things completely odour-free.

    Denise, you are a genius Certainly money well spent and one less thing for me to worry about every summer, which is a huge relief. Thanks so much ladies for introducing me to this marvellous product.”


    This free-to-enter giveaway competition couldn’t be simpler to enter.

    1. Send an email to
    2. You MUST include ‘wrapps giveaway’ in the subject line
    3. You MUST include your verysweatybetty forum member name in the body of the email
    4. You can enter as many times as you like – although that doesn’t mean you can win more than once!
    5. The winners will be chosen entirely at random and notified once the competition has closed on 25th August 2011

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    July 8th, 2011VSB BeverlySite News

    How many of you have tried Denise Bartell’s Wrapps?  Since we posted this blog 11 months ago, Wrapps has gone from strength to strength.  They’re now being sold all over the world and have given hundreds (if not thousands) of people enormous relief from groin sweat.  Denise is always looking at ways to improve the Wrapps but unlike corporations, the quality of the fabric or fastenings will never be compromised.  Each Wrapp is handcrafted by Denise who worked for many years as a professional seamstress.  If you suffer from sweating in your ‘area’ and you’re either a) male or b) female, then Wrapps are perfect for you.

    For me, Wrapps means I can wear a skirt or dress for the first time since I can remember.  It also means that I can wear any colour of trousers – I’m not restricted to black linen cropped trousers.

    Denise’s testimonials page is great reading, you can tell just how much these have changed people’s lives LINK (opens in new window).


    This is our original blog, it explains how Wrapps came about.

    Hello, my name is Denise and I designed the Wrapp.

    The Wrapp literally wraps around the crotch of one’s briefs. The name just seemed to fit perfectly, like the Wrapp itself. The idea of the Wrapp came out of years of sheer desperation and utter frustration. The extra P stands for Perspiration.

    Having taught myself to sew at 7, I have always kept decent size scraps from previous projects, tucked away…so I found my stash of muslin scraps, and got to sewing. I had some towels that were old, but not quite ready to be “dog towels” yet. So, I started drawing, freehand right on the fabric, using a commercial pad as a guide using a soft lead art pencil. My first attempt fitted great, however much to my disappointment, the Velcro closure added heat, and frankly did not work too well. Unless scratching ones inner thigh with the teeth of the Velcro was the goal…and it was not. So I took the seam ripper to all the Velcro, and tried a sew-on snap.

    The snap looks great on paper, but the snap just could not take the tension. The snaps just popped open with the slightest movement. So, back to the drawing board…a simple hook and eye, they are still used on bras today. These work great admittedly, occasionally I have to either apply pressure to the hook to bend it in or get out the fine adjusting tool (known in some circles as a hammer,) and give the hook portion a tap to take it down a bit. So, that is what I went with…the hook and eye. Although very tedious to sew on, this works the best and does not add any heat, and doesn’t pop open. Initially there was no top stitching on the Wrapp, but was added later as the insert had a tendency to shift, hence I stitched it down to keep it from shifting…

    I later switched from terry cloth to waffle muslin, for the (inside) liner – thus named because it looks like a waffle, when looking down on it. I also experimented with muslin fabrics as I had some difficulty with quality that I had never encountered with muslin before, some muslin had a tendency to pill and stretch. It was very disappointing to spend so much time on the construction of a garment to have it the fabric pill and stretch. So I finally went with a finer weave, more expensive, unbleached muslin that has a luxurious 200 thread count, and is always consistent.

    I was just trying to solve an extremely difficult problem, for myself, to enable me to find a job. Never knowing, much less believing anyone else ever suffered from soggy elastic cutting into ones inner thighs to the point of wanting to literally rip my hair out of my head as I staggered around screaming. This excessive sweating started when I turned 14 and I suffered with it for well over 4 decades. It was only in the last few years that I even learned there was a name for this condition, moreover, I learned that it was not “just me.” For years I tried just about everything, baby powder, deodorants, antiperspirants, bladder control pads, yet nothing seemed to help. The talc turned to a gray sludge and only served to further aggravate skin eruptions. Deodorants and antiperspirants caused blisters, different soaps caused a variety of problems. The smaller sanitary pads did not work, they shredded into thousands of soggy pieces. The bladder control pads were bulky, hot, expensive and not always easy to dispose of. But as there was nothing else available, that is what I went with. But, with virtually no money, what to do, what to do…

    What one frequently does is look within to solve a problem. So, I sat down and sewed until I made my Wrapps perfect. I wore my Wrapps for a few months, before I even found the Very Sweaty Betty web site. I was absolutely astounded to discover I was not alone. I am not the only person alive who sweats enough to float a battleship. It was such a relief to know it had a name. By then I had experienced a dry, comfortable crotch for a few months and I could not believe it. No skin eruptions, no yeast infections, no overheated, soggy clothing. After all those years that I did everything humanly possible to hide my soggy, miserable, painful secret were suddenly reversed, and now I was ready to take out billboard space over it.

    The commercially produced incontinent pads I had been using cost approximately $15.00 for a pack of 60, so even using 2 pads a day that was still about $180.00 a year. They were bulky, uncomfortable, hot, added to the landfill, and were expensive. The Wrapp encapsulates the elastic on one’s briefs, holding the elastic away from the skin, allowing the moisture in the bend of the leg to evaporate instead of being absorbed into the (elastic and) underwear. And my Wrapps are completely washable, hundreds and hundreds of times, they get softer with each wash and there’s no need to iron! No more standing in line at the grocery store with a bulky package of incontinence pads (Wrapps work for more than ‘just’ perspiration)…all that and they still catch a laugh too! I now wish I had discovered these when I was going through menopause, but I didn’t, oh well…

    Wrapps were initially just for myself. However, for men, there’s more good news, the Wrapp work just as well for you, holding the elastic of your briefs up off your skin, no more chaffing in that oh so delicate area, and no one will ever know unless you tell them. This too, came about quite organically (and later went on to be tested by various men and women to wear whilst playing sports). I was at the kitchen table, cutting out a batch ofWrapps, and my sisters boyfriend (a musician) walked by, and asked what I was making. I explained theWrapps and he wanted to know if he could try them. A few days later, he asked if I had any more of them, he had an outdoor gig he had to play and the Wrapp worked great for his outdoor gig…Now, all of our Wrapps have been marked with an indelible pen, with our names, so we all know his from mine and my sisters Wrapps as virtually every batch of clean clothes has dry, clean, cool Wrapps, ready to go…

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. I will respond as soon as humanly possible.

    Denise x


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    June 10th, 2011VSB AnneSite News

    Hello all,
    I have been feeling so frustrated since last week thinking I was going to receive my Facial, Cranial Botox as a Hyperhidrosis treatment.

    We drove 50 miles round trip and waited almost 45 minutes to be seen by my lovely Dermatologist, when she took me back  I placed my bag on the window sill next to the procedure bed thinking this is where I would have my treatment done.  I could see her looking and she told me to sit in the chair near her.  (I thought she prob wants to go over the side effects and make sure all meds were the same?!)

    I sat and waited and she smiled weakly and said, “The are not allowing you to have the Botox treatment as they see if as a cosmetic procedure rather than a medical treatment!”

    She apologized and I know in my heart if she could have made it happen she would.

    I was gob smacked and told her I thought I was having it done? I said the her nurse had called telling me so?!  She said she was sorry for this and that it was a miss communication.  She thought it best to have her deliver the news in person rather than over the phone.  I told her thank you and asked why!  All I wanted to do was burst into tears and scream.

    She said they saw it as a cosmetic thing rather than a medical treatment and I challenged her and said big organizations claim that most insurance companies are now seeing Botox as the big treatment for this and why wont mine?  She said they don’t understand, they don’t get it!  Even though it stated all the other tried treatments failed.

    I then proceeded on and said, “do they think I want a wrinkle free scalp and hair line?” I’m not asking to have this done any where else!  I could see if I was having it done around my eyes and other areas.  She replied they just dont get it.  I them told her how this affects me on a daily basics.  She gets it, she really does but her hands were tied.

    How are they EVER GOING TO GET HOW IT EFFECTS US ON A DAILY BASICS???  Can anyone answer this?  Until they walk in our sweaty bodies, they never will or if they have a close family or friend who suffers to really see the draining impact of life and hyperhidrosis.  They will never know how we turn down social events and fear ones we have to attend because they don’t understand or get it!

    They will never know how we hide behind closed doors or wear dark clothing to disguise the sweating.  How we feel dirty and what it feels like to have to live in wet clothing.  To suffer yeast infections on our skin and chaff from the sweating.   How afraid we are of having to shake a hand or hold something.  How we have to change clothing often and ruin our clothing because of the smell and sweat stains that wont come out.  How we slip and slide in shoes or make them so wet and funky we have to replace them often.   How normal activities for everyone else turn into a sweaty night mare for us.  The fear of hot weather and humidity.

    How would they feel, if they walked in our bodies for a week?

    Do you think Hyperhidrosis would be more accepted and treated better?

    I have a member in the forum the same way as I was a week ago!!   Crushed and in tears as she was told she could not have the oral medication they prescribe for this (even though it is not for Hyperhidoris) but used as one of the side effects is less sweating!  We take them because of this, regardless of their horrid side effects and dangers of being in prolonged daylight.  We take them because they give us some relief and peace of mind from the endless sweating.  Just like we do with hundreds of needles if WE  ARE GRANTED, Botox or Dysport as a treatment for this.  The only treatment currently to give us a few months break and less of the horrible side effects but it is like liquid gold, hard to get!   Do we blame the manufacturer or maybe Doctors or even the public for making it this way?  It is seen as a cosmetic procedure for vanity but what can give SUFFERERS OF HYPERHIDROSIS relief we are denied!

    What can I tell her?!

    I can give her the support and comfort she deserves as she is a beautiful human being who suffers and has become a dear friend.  She suffers daily not only physically but emotionally as they go hand in hand.  The emotional round about we are on daily would swing your head!  The thought and preparation of a day in a sufferers life if there is an social event would have you a basket case too!

    How do I tell her that everything is going to be OK?  How do I tell myself?  With not having professionals understanding this skin disease, WHO IS?

    I have a big event coming up in two weeks and had to pay for my own treatment, most are not cheap.

    I have to give a big shout out to my wonderful Dermatologist in Austin, Dr Daniel Carrasco who does understand and did help at a discounted price.

    We need more understanding on this and compassion from professionals.  More awareness need to be raised and if your with me let me know and we can fight against this together.  There needs to be more cheaper treatments available for us that don’t burn our skin, dry us out or can even cause heat stroke.

    I hope you understand and I pray to God that one day we will all get the treatment we deserve while living with this social killer, self confidence drainer and self esteem robber sore,  they call HYPERHIDROSIS.

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    May 27th, 2011VSB AnneSite News

    Hello all,


    Well finally another long weekend ahead.  Are you ready if you have outside plans?

    Living with Hyperhidrosis we have to plan ahead to try and beat the take over of the sweating.
    We are having friends over but I am already prepared, have my floppy hat, favorite seat completely in the  shade, sunblock, plug in fans and most importantly lots of water.

    If  it gets too hot I will come inside and chill in the AC house :)

    If drinking alcohol, drink plenty of water that day and also use an electrolyte supplement in your water, helps with losing too much sweat.

    You can stay cool and still enjoy the outdoors with some planning ahead.


    Most important things I follow are:

    Water, lots of it and electrolyte I can add into it to help replace the sweat and salt we lose

    If plastic furniture take a towel or seat mat with you, really helps from leaving a sweat snail trail and having to peal yourself off and leaving you wet and uncomfortable.

    I take portable fans with me or a good hand held fan, plug them them where ever, as long as there is a constant breeze on me I’m not too bad.

    Rush and choose a good seat fast or ask to change if already gone, explain you suffer from Hyperhidrosis, most people understand.

    Sun block, bug spray.

    Ice packs if you start getting too hot or neck coolies they reduce your body heat fast and stops sweating.

    Most importantly, enjoy the outdoors, if a pool or river…JUMP IN, good enough excuse to get wet and cool off all over :)


    Hope you all have a safe and Happy Memorial Weekend.


    Love and hugs from your  VSB staff.

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    October 24th, 2010VSB BeverlySite News

    It doesn’t matter what your age or sex is, hyperhidrosis doesn’t discriminate.

    Wherever your sweat is, it’s miserable, awkward, annoying, frustrating – but there’s no need for me to tell you that, we all run out of adjectives for it and it never seems to cover our suffering with any great adequacy.

    I’ve found a product that I think men will love.  Maybe women, too.  I don’t see why we can’t try these out – especially in the colder seasons!

    They’re moisture-wicking boxer shorts and have a high rating and good customer reviews.  If crotch/truncal and or back sweating bothers you to any degree then these just might give you some relief and restore a bit of confidence.  Even better – they’re on sale right now – giving them a trial run won’t break the bank.

    Link to boxer shorts (opens in new window)

    If these aren’t enough for your sweating (lets face it, no one product is enough for some of us, unfortunately) then a layering strategy might well be something that will work well for you.  It’s the only thing that works well for me.  If you need that bit extra, how about Denise’s Wrapps?  They began life for one lady’s groin hyperhidrosis and have gone from strength to strength – through word of mouth, now even sports men and women wear these, even if they don’t have hyperhidrosis.  It’s so much more comfortable to be dry – and the only way anyone will know you’re wearing one is if you tell them.

    Link to Wrapps (opens in new window)

    Whilst I haven’t tried the men’s moisture wicking boxers, I have tried the Wrapps and I can guarantee they’re a life saver.  As the Wrapps can be purchased in sample packs of two, it doesn’t break the bank to give them a try.  I have about 20 of them now – that’s enough for me to last a week during the hottest of summer days with normal everyday use – housework, shopping, gardening – I lead an exciting life!

    Keep checking back, we’ll help you to take control of your sweating so you can get on with doing something altogether more interesting – with so much more confidence!

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    October 21st, 2010VSB BeverlySite News
    • ETS was banned in Sweden – it’s birthplace – in 2003 after overwhelming complaints of side effects and disabilities resulting from the surgery.
    • 51% of ETS patients have reported a decreased quality of life.
    • Sympathectomy can have adverse changes in how your nerves function and alters many bodily functions including lungs, eyes, heart rate, heart stroke volume as well as the autonomic nervous system.  This means your brain may be unable to make the normal automatic adjustments to your environment, emotions, everyday stimuli etc.
    • ETS interrupts messages from your brain that would normally travel to many of your organs, glands and muscles.  In fact, your brain will be unable to communicate with a significant proportion of your body once the surgery has taken place.
    • Studies have shown that ETS surgery physically causes psychological changes.
    • A common side effect of nerves damaged (in ETS) re-sprouting is known as Frey’s syndrome.  This triggers abnormal facial sweating and excessive sweating when eating.  Even the smell of something can trigger excessive sweating as the signals to the brain are mixed up.
    • You may well notice changes in sweating throughout the rest of your body – 25-75% of people experience this.
    • One Compensatory Sweating (CS) study shows that as many as 30.9% of people suffer from severe sweating – and around a quarter of those patients described the side effect as ‘major and disabling’.
    • Finnish Health Care Authorities have produced a 40 page review that ETS is associated with ‘significant and long term side effects’.
    • Chronic pain can develop after surgery due to damage of nerves.  This pain can’t be cured as once nerves have been damaged, there’s no way of reversing it.
    • Some ETS patients need to have a pacemaker fitted after surgery as their heart rate slows down considerably and dangerously.
    • Reversal must be performed within a few days/weeks but it’s wise not to expect to recover to pre-ETS health as the chances are so slim they’re almost non-existent.
    • One study has shown an increase in sweating by ETS patients – by comparing before and after results.
    • Be prepared to stop exercising – your ability may well be diminished after having ETS.
    • ETS has a far too high rate of regret attached – one study of patients shows a very low rate of satisfaction in 28% of people.

    These facts and figures all stack up, the risks are significant – Russian Roulette springs to mind – at best it’s a huge gamble.  As these statistics are so damning, why is ETS actually still an option outside Sweden?  Why are some surgeons ignoring these studies and claiming ETS has a 100% rate of success?  My own thought on that final question is yes, technically speaking, ETS cures sweaty hands.  Omitting to relay the rest of the information is hardly the sign of a trustworthy professional in my book.

    For the full article, please click here.

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